“The Grandma Show” is an original television show created by Hawaii actor, Kimee Balmilero featuring all things local people love: FAMILY, FUN AND FOOD!

We all love our Grandmas and we believe that Grandmas are the heart of most families.  She picks you up from school, she watches you on weekdays and sometimes she lets you eat fries for dessert! Who wouldn’t love that?

“The Grandma Show” features local families going head to head with their family’s YUMMIEST recipes! Think Adobo, Chili, Kalua Pork, Haupia Pie, Meatloaf, Fried Chicken…ANYTHING!

Families cook their hearts out to see WHO’S DISH IS TRULY THE BEST AROUND!

You think your family recipe is the most delicious? Well now is your time to PROVE IT! Join us on the show today!